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Verse 1

I’ve carried a burden for too long on my own

I wasn’t created to bear it alone

I hear Your invitation to let it all go

I see it now I’m laying it down

And I know that I need You



I run to the Father

I fall into grace

I’m done with the hiding

No reason to wait

My heart needs (found) a surgeon

My soul needs (found) a friend

So I’ll run to the Father

Again and again

And again and again


Verse 2

You saw my condition

Had a plan from the start

Your Son for redemption

The price for my heart

I don’t have a context

For that kind of love

I don’t understand

I can’t comprehend

All I know is I need You



My heart has been in Your sights

Long before my first breath

Running into Your arms

Is running to life from death

I feel this rush deep in my chest

Your mercy is calling out

Just as I am You pull me in

And I know I need You now