Enjoying a meal around a table is a uniquely human thing to do. Sharing that table with others reminds us that there is more to food than simply fueling our bodies. We invite you to join us at The Table Dallas as we create a sacred space to worship, share our stories, and explore how those stories intersect with the story God is writing in our world. There’s a seat for you at The Table.



We meet at The Mill Street House in Old Town Lewisville, TX. The address is: 

322 N Mill St, Lewisville, TX 75057


We meet on Sundays. 

The 1st-3rd Sundays of the month:

8:45 am – Family Table

10 am – Brunch Table

6 pm – Dinner Table

On 4th Sundays:

10 am – Collective Worship Gathering

During months with 5 Sundays, we encourage everyone to meet their neighbors or family members and have their own “Tables.” on the final Sunday.

What can I expect at

the Table?

You can expect to participate in a shared meal, a time of worship that includes a variety of different expressions, engagement with Scripture through dialogue, and the celebration of Holy Communion. You can expect the Table to last around 90 minutes and to have anywhere from 15-25 people gathered around the table.

IS THERE ANY DIFFERENCE between the meeting times?

The Family Table is designed for families with young children. The entire family walks through the Bible in an interactive and engaging way. Also, there are WAFFLES!!

The Brunch Table and the Dinner Table both engage in the same piece of Scripture. The only real difference is the food!

The Collective Worship Gathering is an opportunity for all of us to gather together for a time of corporate worship and a message from our pastor. No food is served at this Gathering. 


What if I have kids?

We actually want our families to be together at The Table! Parents are encouraged to have their children pull up a chair next to them at any of our Tables. If you are looking for a unique place where families with young children can come and worship together in an environment geared especially for them, then the Family Table is for you.

is there a COST?

It’s free! Because you are a guest at our table, we will not pressure you for money. However, if you choose to donate to the Table, you can do so in person at any of the Tables or you can donate online via your online banking or PayPal account by clicking HERE.

What kind of food do you serve?

We strive to provide simple, organic fare. We are always open to people who want to bring something else to share. 


Everyday people who enjoy coming together over delicious meals with other members of the community to discover what it means to follow Jesus. The Table includes Christians with a variety of perspectives on theological and social concerns, as well as people who are still wrestling with matters of doubt and faith.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

We do our best to provide alternatives for vegetarians and those with dietary restrictions but as you can imagine, it would be impossible for us to plan for everyone’s individual needs. Please feel free to bring along food that works for your specific needs!

Is the Table part of a denomination?

Yes. We are members of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of about 450 churches nationwide. But don’t worry, we welcome people from all kinds of faith backgrounds and those with no faith background at all!




We believe that a key to interacting in a Christ-like way is to hold certain values at the heart of our conversations. Therefore, prior to diving in, we mutually assent to the following statements as a way of “setting the table.”


Extend and receive welcome

We support each other’s learning by giving and receiving hospitality. Truly, all are welcome at The Table.


Be present as fully as possible

Come as you are with your beliefs, joys, and successes as well as your doubts, fears, and failures. There is a seat for you at The Table.


Participation is by invitation, not demand

You know yourself best. Participate out loud only as you feel comfortable. There is no judgment at The Table.


Listen well and learn from silence

Silence can feel awkward, but it is a gift in our noisy world and a way of learning in itself. Silence does not indicate a lack of participation at The Table.


No fixing, saving or judging others

We promote a safe space for honest conversation using “I” statements and open questions, not advice or critique. Honest and open dialogue is the foundation of The Table.


Expect to encounter mystery and paradox

Both enrich our lives and help us understand the complexities of life and faith. We embrace “both-ands” versus “either-ors” at The Table.


Attend to your own inner teacher

As we explore scripture together, we also have a unique opportunity to learn from our own reflections and reactions. Our intellect and the knowledge that comes through our spiritual intuition and emotions will be trusted at The Table.




A dynamic teacher and communicator, David is known for his creative use of story, scripture, and interaction to communicate the life-changing message of Jesus. He received his theological training at Reformed Theological Seminary and earned a Master’s Degree in Ministry Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI) from Tabor College. When not at The Table Dallas, you can find him working in Uganda with his NGO Uganda Shoe Trees, caffeinating at a local coffeehouse with a good book, or out on the golf course lowering his handicap.

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Where We Meet


The Mill Street House

322 N Mill St

Lewisville, TX 75057



1st -3rd Sundays

8:45am | Family Waffle Table

10 am | Sunday Brunch Table

6 pm | Sunday Evening Table



4th Sundays

10 am | Collective Gathering


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