My reading this week included a piece by Dr. David McDonald on the art of Kintsugi – a Japanese technique that involves mending broken pottery with exotic lacquer. The cracks and imperfections are highlighted, while at the same time being repaired. Kintsugi reminds me of the story found in John 20 of Thomas, the Doubter, who refused to believe Christ had truly raised from the dead until he could place his fingers in the holes in Jesus’ side and hands.

Despite being raised from the dead by the power fo the Holy Spirit, Jesus retained his scars, and it was those very scars that proved to Thomas, Jesus’ true identity.

What if, instead of hiding our doubts and fears and trying to present ourselves as doubtless or unbroken, we chose to share those doubts and fears with one anther? Perhaps our battles with doubt and faith best reveal where we are on our faith journey.

Kintsugi shows us doubts, fears and brokenness is not something from which we must run and hide. Instead, it calls us to face them so that Christ can fill them.


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